Why Students Fail During Dissertation

As we all know that writing a dissertation is not an easy job because of the of difficulties faced by a student for writing his dissertation but the main reason behind their afraid of the dissertation is a high percentage of students who fail to pass their dissertation in the first attempt. As knowing the list of things to do for your dissertation can provide you dissertation help to pass your dissertation more than that you can learn from the list of not to do same. We will tell you that why students fail during their dissertation. These are some key reason observed by most of the professionals and hopefully, you will avoid these to get success in your dissertation.

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Focus on Grades: A true researcher’ focus is always his passion to towards his study. He doesn’t do research for grades or marks his main purpose is to get the knowledge of skills and techniques for research and writing that he/she could apply in their academic or professional career. And we all know when someone does a work by their heart they never get failed.

Extensive Reading: Sometimes students start reading articles, past papers and books without setting a boundary line and this extensive reading leads to confusion and they become unable to focus on a single phenomenon. And writing the different thing or mixing your topic with other contradicted issues then it would lead to your failure.

Trying to be Perfect: Mostly dissertation is a new experience for students in their academic life so they can never have a command over all required skills only by reading past papers and able to write a perfect dissertation. So trying to be perfect at this level can be stressing because it is not possible without trying even a single time and that you are doing it can lead you to a perfect writing but before you have to do this. For the first time keep in your mind that mistakes will prove your efforts.

Being Late: When a student I trying to be perfect with his work without having expertise then it’s obvious he would not be able to deliver work on time. And when a student is continuously eating to submit his each dissertation chapter or task then it would create a negative image of that student in mind of members of the supervisory committee.

Considering Research as a Schoolwork: Keep in mind that your dissertation is not like your school work or assignments but it’s a hobby where you have to enjoy the work you have done then you would be able to go for this long process and find the expected results.

Neglecting the Guideline Provided by Committee: Almost institutes and supervisors provide basic guidelines for dissertation writing and these must be followed by students. Otherwise, your work will be rejected on very first stage and the second thing is when you are going to submit your first chapter then carefully analyse the mistakes highlighted or mentioned by your supervisor or supervisory committee so you would be able to prevent those mistakes in next chapters.

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