8 Things to Do Differently to Make a Difference in 2022

8 Things to Do Differently to Make a Difference in 2022

Every year starts with a bunch of promises to do some things differently and make positive changes in life. Everyone wants to improve the quality of their life and simply be more creative and productive in everything they do. So what is stopping them?

One problem is that people make goals but they are short of passion and their goals are forgotten by the end of the year. Another reason is that at the end of the year we do not look back at the promises we make at the start of the year and ask ourselves what we did to reach our goals.

We set bigger goals sometimes and then we fail to reach them, so knowing our own potential is also important. There are too many things out there to motivate you and encourage you to achieve bigger goals but let’s just take one thing at a time and see how simply changing or doing 8 things differently would make a difference in 2022!

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Set Achievable Goals:

Go easy on yourself! Yes, we know that the start of the year brings a lot of positive energy and that makes us promise ourselves bigger things than what we are capable of doing.

That is normal, do not blame yourself. A little self-assessment will give you an idea of what you have done successfully in the past, which methods have worked for you and which things you have failed to achieve despite making promises to yourself. This step is suitable for your personal and academic life on the whole.



Athletes have long been practicing their entire exercise routines and athletics by imagining them. This helps them in learning the movements faster and makes them practice stuff without equipments physically present.

Visualization is not just an art or a skill learned in a specific subject by visual students. It is a real-life technique to imagine the size of your problem and deal with it mentally.

You don’t have to experience something in real life to know how you will do it. You can use imagination to analyze your problem and find a solution. Be ahead of your problems by visualization.


Set Your Goals:

Do you have your goals written down? If not, you should write your goals down. Always believe in writing things down, and be a person making checklists and lists.

Those who write their goals in return have a good average of getting to them compared to the ones who have their goals limited to their minds. Do not keep them locked in your head because as long as they are in your head they are mere imagination and something you ‘might do’.

Turn your goals into a real-life target by writing them down and tell yourself this is where you want to see yourself. Once it is on paper, it has entered your life and will remind you of its existence.


Wakeup an Hour Early:

Late risers waste half of their day missing out on opportunities. You get up from the bed and nothing makes sense to you, by one hour when you are fully awake, you have lost many things, and on the top of those things is time. Wake up an hour early every day and save 365 hours which equals nearly three weeks every year. Can you imagine what can be achieved in that time?


Build on Strength, Exercise, and Diet:

You want to be at your best when life hits you hard. Be geared up to face the challenges your academic life throws at you. Gather all the strength and indulge in recommended amount and type of physical activity all year round. The more you invest in yourself is what you will get in return in the form of better performance in everything. You will gain confidence and high self-esteem to face life and you will have all the strength for the extra effort on special days. Promise to give your health and your body the time and attention it needs, this year.


Be Principle Driven:

Write down for yourself a character sketch sort of. Write every good thing you want to see yourself. Being nice and warm to people, helping them, and being more supportive of others’ ideas should be the things on your list. Make a set of principles and rules, and write down a code of conduct and things you will never do in your life. For instance, how anyone says anything should not be your problem, you need to stay focused on your goals. Write everything, make a cute poster, and put it somewhere visible, preferably on the wall so that you remind yourself of these every day. Read them and remind yourself of these things every other day, and do not change your life rules for anyone.



Sometimes we have an academic project to work on and for that not only we have a very limited time but also that project will decide things for us. We may be getting some additional marks for them and this can benefit us academically. Such things have this urgency that you must do them first. And doing these things takes focus. Most of the time our focus shifts to things that are not important and for that time the project is forgotten. Create urgency and do the project first. Prioritize important things to have the rest of the time free from doing things that were distracting you during the important tasks. This habit will reward you with great measures as you make it a practice.


Be Social & Network More:

Always be willing to connect with people that can be helpful. Always find opportunities to go to seminars to meet like-minded individuals and people that have once been where you are now. Learn from their experiences and expand your circle to increase future opportunities for yourself.

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