How Tech Addiction Impacting Students at Graduate and Post Graduate Level

Technology is meant to help and ease the life of human beings and no doubt it is playing the best role but unfortunately like many other things the excessive use of it is leading the worst consequences. There are ways to use internet healthy but with the passage of time unhealthy use of the internet is increasing that is called Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). This is the internet that has to cause the excessive use of technological devices like mobile phones, laptops, notebooks and many others. This addiction is leading to serious results of students’ failure not just in terms of studies but a decline of physical and psychological health. Access to internet for students was meant to give them an opportunity to learn and explore the emerging phenomenon but not to spend all of their time with technological gadgets.

Technology addiction is the reason of students’ failure of almost all age groups but the most widely affected groups are students of graduate and post-graduate as they are likely to use more technological devices in terms of their academic activities. Excessive use of technology is leading to two worst consequences the loss of health and time. The health of both your body and mind, loss of time is each failure of your life is the reason of time wastage. Some students are addicted to using technology from their school and college level and the usage level turns to worst when they are in graduate and postgraduate studies at that time they are required to use more internet for academic help. Each time a student surfs internet he/she will find the distractive activity options on almost all web pages.

Impact of technology addiction on students has been discussed and studied by researchers in the field and they found that the young students with IAD have similar brain condition as a drug or alcohol addict person’ has. This is the worst thing and a person with such situation cannot put his focus on studies firstly for long and latterly not at all. This IAD leads to damage the system of the brain and badly affects a person’ attention, decision making and emotional processing. Further, researchers have revealed that the addiction leads to physical damage as well that starts with the muscles issue and some other like a migraine and other nerves related diseases.

Here, students, teachers and parents need to understand which technological devices are increasing the use of internet and use of those gadgets. The most commonly found addiction in technology use is online writing services, social media addiction and other factors influenced by personal interest or distracted by online advertisements. Initially, students use these gadgets and involved in online activities for academic purposes, or just to get fresh or might be for social interaction but here they need to keep the limits of use. So if you are a student and finding it difficult to leave your tech gadgets or excessive use of internet then try it now or visit a therapist today.

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