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25 Eye Catching Business Management Dissertation Topics For MBA

  • 2 Sep
  • 2022

Writing an MBA dissertation is undoubtedly a dreadful and challenging task. This challenge usually starts at the early stages of writing an MBA dissertation, i.e., choosing business management dissertation topics.

In order to really impress your course instructor or supervisor, you have to come up with some original and fresh research ideas that have not been explored before. But this is the most difficult task for students, especially for those who are working on such a mega project for the first time.

Hence, keeping this difficulty for students in mind, today’s article is about enlisting some top 25 eye-catching business management dissertation topics.

Along with the topic, a brief description of the business dissertation and some other things associated with it will also be part of today’s article. So, let’s get started with today’s topic.

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What is Business Dissertation?

To understand the meaning of a business dissertation, let’s break the word into business and dissertation. A dissertation is a scholarly document completed as part of higher studies and submitted to the university in order to get a postgraduate or doctorate degree.

The term business relates to the commercial activities undertaken to gain profit on some good or services. So, when we combine these two individual definitions, the definition of a business dissertation emerges.

So, “A business dissertation is a scholarly document written as part of an MBA degree, which explores and analyses the industrial activities aimed at gaining profits.”

How Long is a Business Management Dissertation?

It is now known to you that any dissertation written in the business sector is a business dissertation. However, many students still remain worried about the length of their dissertations.

It is not a thing to worry about because mainly your dissertation length depends on your business management dissertation topics. A lengthy topic takes a lot of a number of pages to write a dissertation.

A focused and narrow topic takes less than that. However, as a general rule, an MBA dissertation is about 15,000 to 20,000 words in length. This excludes the word count of table of contents, appendices, footnotes, references, and list of tables and figures.

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Can You Choose Your Own Business Dissertation Topic?

Business Management Dissertation Topics

Yes, you can choose your own dissertation topic. Normally, in an MBA degree, the teachers give students the liberty to explore their areas of interest and choose a topic for themselves.

In some countries, the teachers provide a list of business management dissertation topics to students and ask them to choose a topic. So, whatever the case is, you have the full right to choose your own dissertation topic.

How Do I choose a Business Management Dissertation Topic UK?

Facing difficulty in choosing a dissertation topic is a normal thing. The reason is that it is a big decision in the academic life of a student as he will be investing his next 2-3 years in researching that topic. Hence, you must know how to choose a topic.

Therefore, a list of the tips for choosing a topic is as follows:

  • First, identify your research interest by exploring and analysing the class notes and lectures of your teacher
  • Perform an extensive literature review on your preliminary selections and see if any research gap is present
  • Make sure that your topic is not too broad, as broad topics take longer to research and pose real threats to your degree
  • See what ethical considerations you will have to practice in your research when researching the topic
  • Once done, select a topic and stick to it.

The tips mentioned above can help you a lot in choosing business management dissertation topics. However, if you still cannot hunt for a perfect topic, go to MBA dissertation writing services. Only they can help you now.

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25 Eyecatching Business Management Dissertation Topics

  1. A detailed look at modern tech-driven supply chain management solutions
  2. Strategies for production scheduling in different industries
  3. Benefits of big data analytics on large-scale inventory management
  4. Virtual supply chain capabilities in modern businesses
  5. A brief look at the benefits of using modern supply chain management strategies
  6. A study of the importance of auditing in large-scale corporate infrastructures
  7. Impact of technology on modern methods of accounting
  8. Comparison and definition of banking and accounting
  9. A look at the strategies for efficient circular debt management
  10. Impact of business management automation on large corporate infrastructures
  11. Adaptation to globalisation – A detailed guide on strategies for small businesses
  12. Business team management in corporations working globally
  13. Role of transparent communication and feedback in companies
  14. Influence of socio-cultural background on business management and business teams
  15. Role of human resource management in the development of a company
  16. Impact of organization culture on employee efficiency
  17. Factors affecting employee motivation at work
  18. How useful is cultural diversity for business growth – Explain in light of examples in the UK industry
  19. The role and importance of introducing community-specific products
  20. A comparison of consumer behavior in Birmingham, London, and Leeds
  21. The role of celebrities in influencing the customer’s decision-making power
  22. Impact of digital or online marketing on the profitability of a business – A case study of the UK businesses
  23. The effect of advertisement and branding on consumer’s buying behavior in London
  24. Role of packaging of a product on branding and its impact on sales
  25. Quantitative risk-management techniques and approaches – An in-depth study of the businesses in the UK


Writing an MBA dissertation is not child’s play. It requires you to choose a narrow, focused, and researchable topic from all the business management dissertation topics provided to you.

Failure to choose a focused topic can prove to be a failure to write a good dissertation. So, before choosing the topic, ensure that you have done considerable literature research.

Make sure that your topic is researchable and is based on a research gap. Without ensuring these things, you should better forget a quality dissertation. All in all, study the above topics and choose a good topic.Still, if you are confused about dissertation topic selection, you can hire dissertation experts here.