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Cause and Effect of Technology Addiction Among Students

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

Technology is meant to help and ease the life of human beings. No doubt it is playing its best role in doing so. Unfortunately, like many other things, technology addiction is leading to the worst consequences.

There are ways to use the internet healthily, but over time, unhealthy use of the internet is increasing, which is called Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). Many students face such issues due to the excessive use of the internet.

There are many other harmful effects of this addiction on youth. Today’s article is going to discuss all those effects one by one. Let’s start today’s article with the effects of the overuse of technology on our brains.


How does technology addiction affect the brain?

In the past few years, technology addiction has become very frequent. This overuse of technology has led to many deadly psychiatric and mental issues in the youth.

Also, it affects your creativity and mental health. When you want to do an assignment, homework or dissertation, you’ll feel it is not possible to work and you want to get back to the technology.

The disorder I have discussed in the paragraph above, i.e., IAD is the main cause. There are many deadly things associated with this disorder. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • This disorder shrinks the brain’s grey and white matter fibers.
  • IAD affects the emotional processing of your brain and also the critical functions of it
  • The brain continues to transform negatively under this disorder

The pros and cons of technology addiction among students

Technology addiction is a surely bad thing, and students must avoid this. However, the simple use of technology can be very advantageous.

Like other things, technology also has some advantages and disadvantages. Hence, below are some of the pros and cons of this addiction among students.


  • Due to the technology, the students can access information easily. All they need to do is insert their query in the search bar of the search engine. Within no time, billions of pages with the relevant information will be in front of them.
  • Technology addiction has also helped students build relationships. If you look at the statistics, more than 51% of students use Facebook to form relationships. They connect with different field experts and learn things from them.
  • In today’s world, technology is transforming everything around us. From washing machines to ACs, everything is now connected with modern technology. Therefore, it makes things easy for the younger generation, and it helps them a lot in managing different things.


  • More time online means spending less time on personal development. Therefore, technology addiction is making students less concerned about themselves.
  • With technology, there has been a decrease in the creativity of the students. Students prefer to do calculations on calculators and make drawings on software.
  • Social isolation is also a bigger problem associated with technology. Students who are more socially active feel anxiety and loneliness, which is not good.

How to solve technology addiction?

From the discussion above, you know about the effects of technology on the human brain. You also know about the pros and cons of this addiction.

Now, let’s talk about how a student can solve this addiction. So, below are some of the ways to get rid of this.

  • Go outdoor to do some exercise and sports activities. Make it a rule that you should not use social media when the sun is shining.
  • Creating challenges for yourself is another technique to solve technology addiction. Those challenges keep you busy and motivated.
  • If the problem persists for long, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. He might suggest some other kind of solution to solve this addiction.


Technology addiction can be good and bad as well for students. While technology is making things easy for students by giving them access to tons of information, it also greatly affects their lives.

As a student, you must practice the techniques mentioned above to get rid of this thing.

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