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Top 7 Trending Dissertation Topics About Human Behaviour In 2022

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

The American Psychology Association Survey Report revealed that the popularity of Ph.D. dissertation topics about Psychology and human behaviour has surged in the last 5 years [1].

This means that more and more PhD candidates are writing dissertations on human behaviour and developmental psychology as a result of which student dissertation topics about human behaviour remain in the top 10 trending topics for at least the next few years to come.

So, let’s get down to it and explore the top 7 trending dissertation topics about human behaviour.

What is Human Behaviour?

Before suggesting some dissertation topics about human behaviour, we must first discuss what is included in human behaviour. It is a capacity to express mental and physical actions during the different phases of human life.

Dissertation Topics About Human Behaviour:

Dissertation Topics

According to the Dissertation Writing Services , the top trending dissertation topics about human behaviour that you can use for your research project are as follows:

1- Dimensions of Human Behaviour:

This is the most common topic for a dissertation. The students can choose from the following dimensions:

  • Psychological Factors: This includes information relating to psychology and mental health. The students can focus on a particular disorder like Schizophrenia or even research about autism spectrum disorders, ADHD etc., which are some of the most common disorders that affect humans.
  • Physical Factors: This includes all aspects relating to physical health and body functions. The students can focus on any disease or disorder that affects humans physically such as diabetes, cancer etc.,
  • Environmental Factors: This focuses on environmental factors affecting humans such as pollution, climate change etc.,
  • Socio-cultural Factors: This includes all aspects related to social norms and cultural rituals that affect people’s behaviour significantly such as religion or traditions etc.,
  • Legal Factors: This includes all legal issues that affect human behaviour like privacy laws etc.,

2- Effects of Computer Programming & Technology on Human Behaviour:

Computer and technology have become an essential part of every field of life. To compete in this digital world, everybody wants to know about new technologies. It has various effects on human behaviour. It has positive as well as negative effects on human behaviour. This is a good dissertation topic about human behaviour to see how differently humans behave on everyday use of computers and technology.

3- Interpersonal Communication Motives and Human Behaviour:

This topic describes the importance of interpersonal communication and how it affects our lives. It also explains how humans interact with one another and why they do it. It further elaborates on the different types of relationships that exist in society and how people communicate with each other in these relationships. This is a very interesting topic for students who are interested in Psychology, Sociology or any other related field of study.

4- Particulars of Human Behaviour:

This is a topic that can be done in any way and has no limitation. The researcher could choose a specific topic like “The effects of the media on human behaviour” or “The effect of parenting on human behaviour” or “The effect of stress on human behaviour”. This could be done either by doing research on this topic or get information from past researches and write about it. This is a good topic for Ph.D students as it would help them to develop their skills in writing.

5- The Implications of Technology on Human Behaviour:

Technology has been changing our lives at a rapid pace. It has been impacting many aspects of our daily life including our communication, education, entertainment and business. The changes it has brought have influenced the way we interact with other people. The effects of technology on society are not only limited to how we live but also how we think and behave. Technology has been linked to many psychological disorders such as addiction, social anxiety disorder and depression. This dissertation topic will focus on the effects of technology on human behaviour and how it influences the way we interact with each other.


The topic can be approached from various angles such as:

  1. Technology’s impact on people’s wellbeing.
  2. How technology affects our relationships with others.
  3. The influence of social media on mental health.


6- The Future of Work: The Evolution of Human Behaviour in Organizations

The changing world of work is a topic that has been extensively researched and debated over the last few years. It is a topic that will continue to be relevant, as many companies are still struggling to cope with the impact of digitalization on their employees and their business models.

As we move into 2020, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to understand how people behave at work; not only in order to deal with daily challenges that arise from this new reality, but also to prepare for the future. Yet, how do we approach these issues? How do we deal with them? And what are the implications for our organizations?


This dissertation topic aims to investigate these questions by exploring four key themes:

  1. How people perceive their own job roles and responsibilities?
  2. How people perceive their own workloads
  3. How people perceive their own working environments
  4. How people perceive their own relationships within teams


7- Personality and Human Behaviour

Human behaviour is a term that encompasses both the physical and mental actions of humans. It is a subject that has been studied for centuries across many disciplines, from psychology to sociology, from sociology to economics, from economics to political science, from political science to biology, from biology to theology and so on. The study of human behaviour is therefore an extremely broad topic that can be approached from many different angles.

What is personality? Is it predictive of human behaviour? Can it be changed? What role does it play in human behaviour?

These questions are just some of the many that can be asked about personality and its role in human behaviour.

  1. Empathy: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
  2. The Role of Free Will in Human Behavior
  3. Attitudes Towards Technology: How Do They Affect Us as Individuals and Societies?
  4. Attitudes Towards Technology: How Do They Affect Us as Individuals and Societies?
  5. Attitudes Towards Technology: How Do They Affect Us as Individuals and Societies?
  6. Cyberpsychology: How Does Our Online Identity Affect Our Physical Identity?


There is an interesting pattern in the above topics. They have been selected from diverse disciplines of Human Behaviour. It is clear from the topics that there is a vast area of research on human behaviour. However, most of these topics do not appeal to the readership of psychology students.

This list can be used as a starting point for dissertation writers or thesis writers. If you are struggling with your thesis and need help with it, please contact us today for more information on how we can help you straighten out your ideas! For the best dissertation writing services, contact US today!


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