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What Are The Core Elements And How To Ensure The Effectiveness Of A Dissertation

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

Writing an effective dissertation is no less than a nightmare for most of students. There can be many reasons behind it, including the improper structure of the dissertation. In order to ensure the effectiveness of a dissertation, it is necessary to collect information about the core elements of the dissertation.

This approach helps students secure good grades and earn a degree of honours in a stress-free way. Writing a dissertation make students feel stressed out, but they should not let down their hopes. If you are also feeling depressed because of your dissertation, you must work on the core elements and other pointers of the dissertation.

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Furthermore, you have to work on some tips to ensure the effectiveness of a dissertation. These things can work well to reduce your pressure, and you can ace the milestones. Therefore, this article aims to discuss the ways to certify the effectiveness of a dissertation.

What are the Core Elements of a Dissertation?

What are the Core Elements of a Dissertation

Before writing a dissertation, it is necessary to understand the importance of its core elements. It becomes difficult to add the right information without working on core elements. So, let’s talk about core elements briefly.

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Following are some elements that must be there in the same sequence to ensure the effectiveness of a dissertation:

  • Title and Abstract

The first element that makes your dissertation stand out is the study title. You need to put great effort while making the title of your study. There must be a keyword and core purpose of study in the title. Mention it in such a way that does not confuse the reader. Furthermore, the study’s abstract is a summary of the whole thesis. It includes information related to the background of the study and research question/ hypothesis. Also, it covers a brief discussion of the methodology and the expected conclusion of the study.

  • Introduction

Introduction is the first chapter of dissertation that includes a detailed background of the problem. It is one of the study’s core elements with several sub-elements that covers a statement of the problem, research objectives, research questions, rationale and structure of dissertation. The introduction chapter must be simple and easy to understand.

Do not forget to add data related to the purpose of the research and then mention the research question in chapter 1. The sub-elements of introduction also include the significance of research and a detailed definition of different technical terms that will be a part of a dissertation. Lastly, you need to wind up the introduction by having a discussion on assumptions, limitations and expected results of the study.

  • Review of Literature

Review of literature plays a vital role in developing a theoretical framework for the study. Here, you need to identify the main variables of study and then organise them correctly. Go for credible writers and reputable sites for collecting relevant data that can help you ensure the effectiveness of a dissertation.

  • Methodology

Start this chapter with a basic introduction to the methodology and then discuss the research design in detail. You need to explore research questions and then set a plot to analyse them. Identify which type of audience should be targeted and justify it with proper arguments. Also add information related to data collection technique and analysis.

  • Results and Discussion

This section of the dissertation attracts readers a lot. In this core element, there should be a reflection of the data you have collected and analysed. You can better deal with this section by working on data presentation and then charting your results.

  • Conclusion and Recommendation

The last core elements are conclusion and recommendation. Some students do not even address these elements and remain unable to ensure the effectiveness of a dissertation. You can take this section as a summary of the dissertation and recommend something keeping in view the weaknesses of your dissertation.

How Do You Ensure Effectiveness of a Dissertation?

The effectiveness of a dissertation is something that requires sufficient time and focuses on planning and structuring things productively. To enjoy the effectiveness of a dissertation, you must work on the following pointers that can keep you in the right direction.

  • Decide Data Type

The first pointer is to decide on the data type that can fit best your research. The data type can be primary or secondary based on the objective and statement of research. Another data type is in the form of big data. You must be clear about these types and select the most relevant one to get benefits.

Primary data is the first-hand and real-time data that have your direct control. On the other hand, secondary data point out the past data collected by other researchers. When using secondary data, you must confirm that the writer is credible in the field of research. In this way, you can ensure the effectiveness of a dissertation. Lastly, big data is the most complex one for which you need training. Otherwise, you cannot process it precisely.

  • Work on Methodology

For research work, you can choose from three types of methodology; qualitative, quantitative and mixed. Qualitative research explores the problem with a detailed investigation of research question, while quantitative research works for numeric data that need statistical analysis to test a hypothesis. On the other hand, a mixed approach is a combination of qualitative and quantitative research that is suitable for a lengthy dissertation.

  • Work on Sample Size, Participants and Data Collection

For the effectiveness of a dissertation, you must focus on different aspects related to data. The sample size needs to be calculated through proper formula. Also, you have to select the audience as per the need of study. Apart from that, the way of data collection plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the effectiveness of a dissertation. You need to see if the data collected through observation is good, or there must be interviews with the audience. Furthermore, you can collect data through focused groups or case studies to organize interesting research.

Concluding Lines

A well-written dissertation triggers the reader’s mind to brainstorm and find ways to become a reputed researcher. By ensuring the above-mentioned core elements and other pointers for the effectiveness of a dissertation, you can get success in your goal.


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