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  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

For every student, the selection of a degree is the most important task. Just after your college period, you have to deal with so many odds related to career selection. It is very alarming if you go for any random degree. You may have to work on different challenges just because of your non-seriousness about degree selection.

A wrong selection of degree cause problem for your health, peace, job and career. So, it is really important to know about the real worth of any degree before you go for it. Suppose you are interested in an English literature degree. It is necessary to have valuable information about the course and career related to a degree in English literature. The aim of this article is to discuss the worth of an English literature degree.

Is English Literature a Good Degree?

English literature is one of the most popular degrees. At international universities, you can find so many students enrolling themselves in English literature degree every year.

The degree in English literature is very diverse in nature, and you can find many students who feel confused about it. The reason behind this confusion is the lack of information related to this field of study. Before having information related to a degree, let’s understand English literature. English literature is a study that highlights theories of well-reputed published work. The published work can be in the form of books, novels as well as plays.

Furthermore, it also includes poems by famous and credible writers. Lastly, English literature covers all literary works in the same field. It is a broader field that has different ranges of modules. The English literature degree gives you an opportunity to master the language and its complications.

What Job can you do with an English Literature Degree?

english literature degree jobs

Having a good job after graduation is the main concern of every student. To secure your future, you have to evaluate your degree in a critical way. When you plan things in the long term, it becomes easy to manage the side hustles of a degree.

For example, you have to see what kind of job is best according to your nature. For example, your interest is in a field job. In this regard, you have to evaluate if an English literature degree can help you. Another situation can be an interest in academics. So, you can identify the worth of graduates who have an English literature degree.

With a degree in English literature, you can step into a field that has a wide range of careers. Let’s discuss the careers of English literature in detail. You can do the following jobs with expertise in English literature:

1- Professor

Professors have huge respect in society. With a degree in English literature, you can pursue a career as an English professor. You can play a significant role in the expansion of English subjects.

You can work as a professor at school and college. Furthermore, you can apply for the post of lecturer at the university. There you have to understand job descriptions that include a composition of literature and expertise in the English language. If you want to step into the profession of lecturer, you need to follow a specified path.

It includes a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English literature. After that, you should consider the opportunity of PhD from a reputable institute. Your strong research in your field opens the doors of opportunity for you.

With this academic background, you can apply for the post of graduate teaching assistant as well as visiting professor at the university. Furthermore, you can go for the opportunity of adjunct instructor or associate professor.


With an English literature degree, you can start a career as a journalist. Being a journalist, you need to have good hand on writing skills. The best approach to joining this career is to have a major in English literature, while a minor in journalism. A degree in English literature can help you secure a job as a journalist worldwide. You would not find any limitations in this job.

3- Freelance Writer

In this ever-growing world, the scope of freelancing is getting high. You can work as a freelance content writer with an English literature degree. For this, you can work on your own account, or you can join some organization with the same aim.

You can find many organizations working well in the field of freelancing. Also, you can have a choice of flexible time schedule and work from home too. You can write a literary analysis with high academic standards.

You can earn as per your own choice based on your working hours. Also, you can manage your side hustle in an effective way. With this degree, you can work as a writer at dissertation literature review example UK and cheapest dissertation writing services.

4- Author or Publisher

Being an author or publisher is not easy, but you need a specified set of skills. You must have a high school degree with expertise in the English language. Furthermore, good communication skills, including brilliant verbal expertise are required to make name as an author or publisher. You can fill all these requirements with an English literature degree.

Besides having this degree, you have to work on more abilities to try new things. For this career, you can specify your domain as English literature. After completing your high school degree, it is better to go for an internship and sharpen your writing skills.

Also, develop a healthy network with credible writers and publishers. Based on your interest and skills, you can go for the career of author or publisher. You can find many English literature degree holders working at high posts to help with masters dissertation.

Also, you can buy dissertation for good grades and effective guidance from experts related to your career.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points can help you understand the demand and scope of an English literature degree. In this way, you can better plan things with a low-risk factor. Understand these points and finalise your major and minor based on your interest and market scope.