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Top 11 Finance Dissertation Topics with Great Ideas for Postgraduates

  • 3 Sep
  • 2022

When you’re looking for a topic for your finance dissertation, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are plenty of options out there, but finding an idea that’s unique but still practical can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 11 finance dissertation topics with great ideas for postgraduates (or whatever level you’re at!)

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1- The role of diverse stakeholders in CSR reporting- A case study of listed companies in the UK

One of the key issues in CSR reporting is how to incorporate diverse stakeholders’ views. Currently, there is no standardized approach for doing this, which has led to a wide range of practices being used by different companies across the world. This raises an important question: are these differences in practice due to organizational characteristics or external factors? In this finance dissertation topic, you can explore this issue by analyzing how listed companies in the UK report on their CSR performance.

2- A comparative case analysis of corporate governance in public and private sectors

In this dissertation topic for finance, the researcher can study the effects of corporate governance on financial performance in public and private sectors. The researcher can also identify some other factors that affect the financial performance of a company. A comparative case analysis of corporate governance in public and private sectors will help you to understand how different companies perform with different forms of policies and procedures.

It is an interesting topic for researchers who want to study how different organizations handle their finances differently depending on their sector type or ownership structure

3- An empirical assessment of the determinants of employee motivation at work

Employee motivation is a critical factor in the success of an organization. It can be affected by factors such as pay, benefits and job security. Employee motivation can be measured by a variety of methods, such as surveys and interviews. In this finance dissertation topic, you can investigate the relationship between employee motivation and its determinants, including job satisfaction, organizational commitment, performance appraisal systems, and training programs to help managers improve their employees’ motivation.

4- Customer satisfaction in Banks: An analysis of the UK retail banking sector

Customer satisfaction is a key factor in the success of any business. This is particularly true for banks, which rely on customer service to ensure loyalty and profitability. In this dissertation, you can analyze how banks should focus on customer satisfaction if they want to improve their reputation and increase their market share.

5- Evaluation and impact of e-banking on the UK retail banking sector

E-banking is a form of banking that uses the internet and other telecommunications technologies to provide customers with access to a bank’s services and products. The UK retail banking sector has been one of the most innovative in adopting e-banking, with many customers now choosing online banking over traditional methods such as face-to-face or telephone contact.

This finance dissertation topic aims to investigate how this change has affected financial institutions, their customers, and society as a whole. It will look at how changing customer requirements are influencing the way that banks operate today, by looking at both trends in e-banking use amongst different groups within society (e.g., age groups), as well as exploring how these changes impact individuals’ attitudes towards financial services providers.

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6- The impact of CSR on the financial performance- An exploratory study on the UK SMEs.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a corporate strategy that combines social and environmental concerns with economic interests. It can be used as a competitive advantage in order to improve the reputation of the organization, increase brand loyalty and gain consumer trust. Moreover, CSR has been found to help companies to attract more customers, improve employee satisfaction and create more loyal employees.

In short, a well-managed CSR program allows organizations to keep their stakeholders happy while increasing their financial performance at the same time. It is one of the most interesting finance dissertation topics and my personal favorite.

7- Empirical assessment of dividend policy on stock prices- A study of London Stock Exchange (LSE) listed firms

A dividend policy is an important decision for any company. It is an important source of finance for companies and also affects their share prices as well. Shareholders receive dividends from the profits generated by a business, which can be paid in cash or stock. Dividends are not always paid to shareholders; sometimes companies retain earnings and use them for growth or expansion purposes.

The purpose of this finance dissertation topic is to examine how dividends affect stock prices on LSE-listed firms with different market capitalizations (MC). The results from this study will help us understand how firms set their dividend policies and what factors affect the level at which they choose to pay out dividends to investors or keep them within the firm itself as retained earnings which can be used as future funding facilities rather than paying them out immediately via dividends every year. Is this topic too complicated for you? Worry not, you can always seek help from MBA dissertation writing services.

8- Financial accounting standards for small and medium enterprises (SMEs): A critical evaluation

This finance dissertation topic is about the effect of financial accounting standards on small and medium enterprises. The research aims to critically evaluate whether or not the impact of financial accounting standards is good for SMEs. It also aims to analyze whether or not these standards have an impact on listed companies in the UK economy.

In order to answer these questions, you need to conduct a systematic search through books and journals as well as secondary sources like annual reports, articles and interviews with experts in this field. You should also talk with people who work in SMEs about their experience with these accounting practices before writing your final report.

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9- An exploratory assessment of corporate social responsibility reporting practices- Case study of listed companies in the UK

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of businesses to contribute to society by creating value for all stakeholders. CSR is an ethical concept that is practiced by companies to increase their stakeholder’s benefits and make sure they are not harming them in any way.

The idea of CSR can be traced back to the 19th century when Karl Marx stated that capitalism cares only about profit maximization at the expense of other people, whereas socialism cares about social welfare at least as much as economic welfare. This was followed by another concept known as ‘stakeholder theory’ which suggests that a business should take into account its relationship with its shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and community members when making decisions about corporate strategy

The primary objective of CSR is to maximize profits while minimizing negative impacts on society and the environment. Using the mentioned theories, one can easily develop a strong theoretical framework for his/her dissertation.

10- Can performance-related pay motivate employees? An empirical study within an HR department.

Performance-related pay can motivate employees to work harder and deliver quality results, but what is the impact of performance-related pay on employee motivation?

In this finance dissertation topic, you can examine how performance-related pay works. What are the challenges of implementing it? How can it be implemented in organizations so that they achieve their goals as well as benefit from an increase in productivity and efficiency?

11- Corporate restructuring and its effect on efficiency, performance and market structure in the UK.

There has been a period of economic restructuring in the UK since the early 1980s. This has been characterized by its pace and magnitude, which has resulted in significant changes to both industry structure and economic performance. Corporate restructuring is one key feature of these processes, having taken place across many different industries and sectors. In this finance dissertation topic, you can explore how corporate restructuring may affect efficiency, performance, and market structure in a given industry.

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Finance is a fascinating subject and one of the most popular majors among students. Finance is also one of the most popular topics for dissertation topics, but it can also be difficult to narrow down all your options. We’ve compiled some great ideas here that can help you get started and make choosing easier!


What is a Finance Dissertation?

A finance dissertation is an academic paper written by a student who is pursuing a degree in the field of finance. The dissertation is an important milestone in the completion of your degree program, as it demonstrates your mastery of the material you’ve learned during your time in school. A finance dissertation can be written about any topic within the field of finance, but it must adhere to certain guidelines set by your university or college.

What are Current Research Topics in Finance 2022?

There are several accounting and finance dissertation topics that you can use in 2022, including:

  • Smart contracts for the sharing economy
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • A new model of financial management for the modern business environment
  • The impact of AI on financial markets

Which is the Best Topic in Finance for Research?

The best topic in finance for research is the one that interests you most. If you have a strong passion for a topic, then it will be easier to conduct thorough research. If you are interested in dissertation topics for accounting and finance, then the topics can range from:

  • How are stock prices determined to how companies determine their cost of capital?
  • The effect of international financial reporting standards on the performance of listed firms.