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How To Communicate Your Intention Upfront In A Dissertation Proposal?

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

It has happened to you before. You wrote a dissertation proposal and presented it in front of the admission or funding committee. The arguments in support of your proposal were passionate, your logic was unassailable, and your data was bulletproof.

However, despite all this, two weeks later, you get to know that your proposal has been tabled. So, do you know what went wrong in this whole process? Yes, you have guessed it exactly right that having bulletproof data and passionate arguments is not enough.

You need to change how you communicate your intention. Although a cheapest dissertation writing services can help you a lot in this, you also need to learn some techniques to communicate your intention upfront in a dissertation proposal.

So, in today’s topic, I will unpack some top tips from the top researchers of Harvard Business School to help you better communicate your proposal. Before that happens, let’s look at the definition of a dissertation proposal and why communicating it clearly is necessary.

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What is a dissertation proposal? Explain its Importance Too.

dissertation proposal help

A dissertation proposal describes the research you want to do. It explains what the research is about and how you will conduct it to answer the research questions. Discussing the worth of your dissertation is also a crucial part of the proposal, which you have to craft better. Dissertation proposals vary a lot in terms of length and structure. So, ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by your teacher.

Coming towards the importance of writing a proposal, know that it is mandatory to write a proposal before you conduct a master’s or PhD research. It allows the potential supervisors or admission committees to have a look at your research capabilities and potential.

Therefore, it is imperative that you communicate your intention upfront in a proposal.

Ways to Communicate Your Intention Upfront in a Proposal

Recognize that the main interest of the reader or the admission committee who judges your proposal is to find out what you intend to do. They are not interested in the topic of your proposal at all.

It has been seen over the past years that the proposal writers hold back and avoid mentioning the direct statement of intent. This has been the main cause of the failure of students.

Hence, a brief description of the ways to communicate your intention upfront in a proposal is as follows:

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1- Consider Your Audience

The first tip for communicating your research idea better in a proposal is that craft the proposal considering your audience. The reason is that it is the audience that reads your dissertation proposal.

Therefore, focus and organise all the information for them, considering their level of understanding and academic knowledge.

Once you know which aspect of the research can intrigue your audience’s interest, you can craft the proposal better. Hence, the first thing you should take care of is your audience and its knowledge about the topic.

2- Simplify the Language of your Proposal

Undoubtedly, a dissertation is all about using academic terms and words. It does not mean that you should use those consistently in your proposal. Rather, present all the difficult academic terms in a simplified version, which is easy to comprehend.

The reason is that using difficult terms again and again and using clauses over the clause can put a conversation to a halt. Save the difficult language for the research paper when the audience is purely academic. At this stage of writing a dissertation proposal, consider using simplified language.

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3- Trim the Wordy Sentences

Academic researchers tend to use longer and very complex sentences when writing any academic writing. Not only researchers but the masters dissertation help also do the same when you seek their help.

Recognise that using long sentences is not the way to communicate your intention upfront in a proposal. The reason is that complex sentences hit the audience’s understanding mechanism, making it impossible to understand the sentences clearly.

Hence, trim all your word sentences into shorter and meaningful ones that clearly state the idea of the whole paragraph. This way, you can effectively communicate your research idea to your audience.

4- Focus on the Big Picture of the Proposal

The big picture here means explaining the core concepts and issues your research will address. Discussing the main ideas like main ideas is very necessary for students. The reason is that it has been seen over the past few years that students mix the main ideas with supporting ideas, and this really makes their proposals look meaningless.

In such a case, the solution to this problem is to focus on the big picture separately in your proposal or hire expert for dissertation literature review example in UK who knows how to focus on it. However, the main idea is that you have to discuss the main idea and concepts clearly in simplified language.

5- Underscore the Research Applications

When writing a research proposal, talking about the research application and implications is an essential task to do. No admission committee or funding agency is going to give you funding for your research unless your research has some serious implications on society.

So, underscore the research applications and discuss how this research can be helpful in future policy making. Additionally, when you mention the research applications and their benefits to society, your research proposal gets more weight and attention.

Also, no one will table your proposal after two weeks; I guarantee this. Hence, talking about the potential impacts and applications of the research is a must for effective communication of your intention.

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The research landscape can be complex. However, by knowing how to plough it properly, you can effectively communicate your intention upfront in a dissertation proposal.

Some of the top tips regarding this area are: do not use jargon and clause over a clause in your proposal. These things simply put a conversation to a halt. Discuss the big picture of the research and, finally, the research implications. If you still need help in dissertation proposal, you can order here

How do you start a dissertation proposal?

  • Before writing a dissertation proposal, you should consider:-
  • Topic aim and introduction
  • Dissertation methodology outline
  • Literature review
  • Mini conclusion

How Long Should a Dissertation Proposal Introduction Be?

Your dissertation proposal length should be 4 to 5 pages and should be highly relevant. The first paragraph of the introduction should be 300 words, and the same length of the paragraph should be 3 to 4.

What Makes a Good Dissertation Proposal?

A good dissertation proposal indicates how you represent your outline and research question. In a good dissertation proposal, you should write to the point reading. You can also add conversations which you have done with supervisors. You can also add how you overcome your limitations.