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How to Make an Effective Dissertation Presentation for Defence

  • 15 Sep
  • 2022

So, you have completed the writing process of your dissertation. Congratulations: you have achieved a hallmark, as writing a dissertation is not easy at all. As you are done with dissertation writing, the next step is dissertation presentation to defend what you have done in all the years of research. Are you ready for this step? Does not look so because presenting a dissertation is a very challenging task, and, more importantly, it is your presentation which decides whether you are going to get a degree in the upcoming convocation or not.

So, keeping in mind your little knowledge of creating an effective dissertation presentation, today’s post is all about this. Here, I will unpack all the untold things that need to be included in your presentation, and they really make a difference. However, let’s first define what the presentation of a dissertation for defence means.

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What is a Dissertation Presentation For Defence?

Defence is something that you do in order to protect yourself against something. In academic language, it means defencing yourself from unethical charges and showing that you have done your work with dedication. Most of the time, a presentation is the means teachers use to let students defend their dissertations. A dissertation presentation is a 10-15-minute-long presentation having your research results slides. It normally focuses on the 4th and 5th chapters of your dissertation, i.e., results and analysis. The number of slides present in the presentation varies from research to research.

Tips to Make an Effective Dissertation Presentation for Defence


After years of research, setbacks, and struggles, you are finally left with a thesis or dissertation, which you have to defend now. As described earlier, presenting the results in the form of slides is the most common way to do this. However, there are some steps, or you can say tips, that you must follow when creating such a presentation for defence. A brief description of all the tips is as follows:

1. Choose Which Ideas to Present

Even if you have an hour to defend your dissertation, you cannot explain all the ideas and concepts related to your research. The reason is that a dissertation is a so lengthy and broad task, numerous ideas are part of it, and you just cannot explain each idea to the defence committee. Therefore, first things first, you have to choose the important ideas that govern most parts of your research and include them in your presentation. Including all the ideas and filling your slides with useless information will do no good to your presentation.

2. Define Your Presentation’s Theme

A stellar dissertation presentation is what looks appealing to the eyes. It should be professional in its appearance, and a cohesive design is an absolute must. Therefore, the second step in the making of such a presentation is defining your presentation’s theme. Experiment with different types of typography and colour schemes and choose the one that gives your presentation a professional look. For this purpose, you can use MS PowerPoint, whose AI-powered system suggests themes and colour schemes according to the text and information in the slide. So, make your dissertation as attractive as you can.

3. Design Simple and Focused Slides

Filling your presentation with lots of text in it is not a good way to make slides. I know many students think that the more information, the more chances of a successful thesis defence. However, the quality of the information in the slides also matters a lot. Therefore, as a researcher or presenter, you should try to design simple and focused slides. All your slides must focus on one point: to defend your thesis with quality information. However, if you feel that you cannot create such slides, hiring one of the cheap dissertation writing services UK is the way to go. Such a service can do wonders for you.

4. Include Data Visualisations

The whole point of a dissertation presentation is to present your research results in a meaningful way. As humans are visual creatures, pictures fascinate them a lot. Also, a picture speaks for thousand words. Keeping this in mind, do not ever forget to include data visualisations in your presentation. Present all the graphs that you have made during the analysis process and include the data tables and charts. All these things make your presentation look attractive and also enhance the understanding ability of the defence committee.

5. Properly Structure Your Slide Deck

The structure of the presentation also matters a lot. A properly structured slide deck is that in which all the information follows a chronological order. It is not like the results come before the data tables or discussion of the ideas. A typical structure of a perfect dissertation presentation is as follows:

  • First comes the title slide, followed by a brief introduction of the thesis, i.e., abstract
  • The literature review and the methodology section slides come next
  • After these slides, the main slides, i.e., results slides, come. In these slides, do not forget to add visualisation.
  • In the end, add a concluding style and highlight the main findings of your research

6. Practice Makes Presentation Perfect

Lastly, to make an effective presentation, practice a lot. When you practice something again and again, at some point, you become an expert in that. Therefore, you must practice making as many slides as you can with different colour combinations and themes. I am sure that after some 5 to 6 tries, you will be able to crack the real design and theme best for your thesis. Hence, practice, practice, and practice is the last tip that I can give you.

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Conclusively, a dissertation presentation for defence is not something that you can create overnight or one hour before your actual presentation. If you want to get your degree on time, do not forget to spend considerable time on it and figure out what theme and colour scheme gives a professional look. Brainstorming about the inclusion of ideas should also be part of this whole process.

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