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5 Best Platforms to Find Law Dissertation Examples

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

Are you a law student and about to start working on your law dissertation? If this is the case, then know that working on a law dissertation will be the most challenging task that you will perform in your academic life. Giving unassailable arguments and bulletproof interpretations makes it very difficult. However, it is easier to cope with this dissertation when you have law dissertation examples in front of you. Such examples are extremely helpful, especially when you are working on a dissertation for the first time.

On the other hand, when you do not know how to write a dissertation and where to begin writing it, looking for a sample can be very helpful. How is it helpful?

What are the best platforms to look for law dissertation examples? I know that these questions are circulating in your mind. Do not worry because I am going to unearth all those platforms in today’s article.

So, let’s get started by answering the following question.

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How are Law Dissertation Samples Helpful?

Law Dissertation Samples

A law dissertation is a lengthy piece of document in which you analyse and interpret the laws of a country or the impacts of new legislation on society.

Doing this for the first time is very challenging. So, the law dissertation samples help students a lot. They help them understand the true structure of the dissertation.

Such examples let the students know the exact way to give their arguments in support of the law or contradiction. Moreover, the law dissertation examples help students formulate their dissertations like them and get an A grade.

So, all these points highlight how law dissertation samples are helpful to students.

Top 5 Best Platforms to Find Law Dissertation Samples

From the discussion above, it is now pretty clear that dissertation examples can help newbies a lot in writing a perfect PhD thesis. Now, the real question is what the best platforms are to find such examples.

You might know about those platforms and probably have used them before. Still, a brief description of the 5 best platforms is as follows:

1- ResearchGate

ResearchGate is one of the top and free-to-access databases for downloading research papers and dissertations. It is home to about 135+ million research publications and millions of law dissertation examples.

The prominent journals that have their publications on this platform are the Journal of Law and Society, International Journal of Rule of Law, Journal of Law and Social Sciences etc. By visiting this platform, you can easily find examples related to your area of research.

The reason is that in millions of publications, a dozen of dissertations must be in your area of research.

The best thing about ResearchGate is that it also offers you a community feature.

Using this feature, you can connect yourself to law researchers and gain their insights on your dissertation topic.

Moreover, you can also post a question on this platform and get it answered by the top law researchers.

2- Cheap Dissertation Writing UK

The second-best platform which has been serving students of law in the UK for the last two decades is cheap dissertation writing UK. This platform has thousands of law dissertation examples that you can download for free to get an idea of how to write yours.

Moreover, with this service, you can also get the services of consultation. It means that the writers of this platform can provide you with free consultations on how to start writing your dissertation.

They allow you to ask as many questions as you can. Zoom meetings are one of the best initiatives of this platform. It means you can schedule a zoom meeting with one of its researchers, who will guide you the best about writing law dissertations.

3- ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect is also a research database which is home to millions of research publications. Precisely, this database hosts over 18 million publications from almost 4000 academic journals.

The good thing is that 1.4 million research articles, dissertations, or papers are free-to-access. The top law journals are on the list of this database.

These journals are the International Journal of Law, Crime, and Justice, the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, and the Journal of Criminal Justice. You can easily find a research paper or dissertation example on your topic using this platform.

Most of the time, this platform does not work for free. So, it is better to have a subscription or institution account.

4- Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD)

OATD is another best platform to access law dissertation examples. As the name suggests, this platform is only for dissertations and theses, so you can easily find an example for your topic.

This platform is home to many engineering, social science, psychology, and technology dissertations, but the number of these published in the field of law is also not less. This platform has about 5000+ dissertations on the law.

Wow, it is quite a huge number. The good thing about this platform is that you customise your search for a dissertation. By selecting the range of years, you can look for dissertations published at a specific time.

5- Stanford University Libraries

Lastly, Stanford University Libraries is the number 5th best platform to find law dissertation examples. This platform has about more than 4000 dissertations published in this field. The most important thing and benefit of this platform are that it has dissertations in languages other than English.

So, if you are a Dutch student, there are dissertation examples available in your language. The advanced search button on this platform allows you to filter the dissertations and find the best documents relative to your area of research.


Conclusively, writing a law dissertation is the most challenging and arduous work. It requires you to interpret the laws accurately and without attracting any debate. To do this, the solution is to take masters dissertation help from the law dissertation experts. Such examples tell you clearly how to craft your document and give arguments. The top 5 best platforms are listed above. So, visit them today and find an example relevant to your subject area.