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Importance of Using Multiple Methods in Qualitative Research

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

In qualitative research, you might have to use more than one method to draw a conclusion. Some people say that using more than one method can create confusion.

However, it is important to note that there are so many benefits are using a multi-method approach in a qualitative study. If you do this right, it can take your whole research to another level.

Therefore, you should try your best to incorporate more than one method in your research. This article will show you the importance of using multiple methods in qualitative research.

Better Understanding

In qualitative research, it is important that you have a proper understanding of the main research question. Using multiple methods can allow you to have a comprehensive and complete understanding of the main research problem.

It is because a multi-methods approach can allow you to look through the research problem from various angles. Instead of doing it separately, you understand the different aspects of your research problems with a single study.

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Better Instruments

Every method uses different tools and instruments for analysis to draw outcomes. By using multiple methods, you will be able to get better and more specific tools related to the context of your study. In this way, you can draw results with better focus.

Helps in Explaining the Findings

Using the multi-method in qualitative research can help you explain the findings in a better way. It can explain properly how a certain process works. In this way, you will be able to get more precise perspectives of a situation. Your results will be more holistic, complete and comprehensive.

Helps in Making Perfect Problem Statement


Multiple methods can help you generate and clarify the problem statement. It can be the best way to theorize and study research issues. It is because multiplicity in the observation can produce more diverse sources, various types of contexts or data and different environments to conduct analysis. In this way, theoretical creativity can be highly enhanced in a multi-method approach.

Give Better Scientific Results

In qualitative research, you can get better scientific results if you use multiple methods. It is because multiple methods can support scientific inferences in a better way than if they are used separately in isolation. To get better scientific results in a qualities research, it is best that you use more than one method to draw results.

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Synergistic Utilization of Data

The different qualitative methods can give you different results. By combining various methods together, you can get complete utilization of data which can give a better understanding of the research issues that you will not be able to get by using only one method alone. Better understanding can be achieved through triangulating one set of outcomes with another. This can lead to an increase of the validity of the inferences.


With the help of multiple methods, you can validate, clarify or elaborate the outcomes from one method with the results of another method. After collecting the data, you can compare the findings of each method you have used in the research. You can analyze the data and compare the results of each method through side by side discussion. In this way, you can have more accurate results as you will be able to make a rigorous comparison. The different qualitative methods can validate one another and make a strong foundation for drawing an evaluation or conclusion.


The outcomes of one method in qualitative research can be used to generate the outcomes of another method. In this, you will use the first method to draw outcomes. These results will act as a foundation to draw the conclusion from the other method. In this way, you can use multiple methods to develop your results in a more detailed way. It can make the research process easy. You will have to spend less getting the best results from difficult methods as you would already have some foundation to start with.


In qualitative research, the researcher seeks to extend the range and breadth of the investigation by utilizing various methods for various inquiry methods. For example, you can use some qualitative data in a qualitative study to augment the outcomes of your research.

The qualitative data can be used in the study in a way that can help in designing the intervention. It can also help during the intervention to further explore how the respondents of the study face a certain intervention.

It can also help you further explain the outcomes after the intervention. In this way, incorporating another method in a qualitative study can help you expand the research effectively. It can take your research to another level. That is why; it would be a good choice to use a multi-method approach in a qualitative study by incorporating some qualitative data.


In qualitative research, the effective participation of respondents is very important to get useful data for the investigation. By integrating more than one method to collect data, you can better understand the behaviour or attitude of participants for your study.

You can use interviews, surveys and various ways to get the most accurate response from the participants. In this way, a multi-method approach in the research process can bring a lot of change in terms of analyzing the issues related to your research, methods to address these issues and approaches to implement to bring change for the future.

With multiple methods, the reflection of the point of view of the participants can give a voice to the study participants and make sure that the findings of a study are grounded in the experiences of participants.


The above guide has shown the importance of using multiple methods in qualitative research. With the help of multiple methods, you will be able to compare and discuss the results of each method.

In this way, you can achieve a better understanding related to your research problems. You will also be able to come up with better solutions to address your research problems and implement them in a practical way. However, if you don’t know about using multiple methods in qualitative research, hire our research experts by clicking here.