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Climatic Change, Sustainability and Public Health – A Case Study Of Goa

  • 20 Apr
  • 2017

The habitability of the planet earth is mainly due to the atmospheric gases that are trapped in the environment that trap a portion of the energy that emits from the sunlight. Such gases are called the greenhouse gases and their ability to absorb the heat from the sun makes them distinct and empirical for the earth to remain habitable. Without these gases the planet earth would be too cold to be habitable by any living organism. Scientists have now recognized that due to the human activities and progression of the human race, there has been an increase in the greenhouse gases which is destabilizing the natural climate(Kelkar&Bhadwal, 2007). This has been mainly triggered after the onset of the industrial revolution from the late 1700s and has been increasing ever since (CDIAC, 2016).