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To Study the Challenges Those That are Faced by Family Carers of People with Dementia

  • 20 Apr
  • 2017

When a family member suffers from some kind of disability or disease it leads to create dependency upon other members of the family for the basic day to day needs. The family member who attends the patient plays an important role in the provision of support both physically and morally. Such an attendee of the sick or disabled member of the family is known as carer (Lakeman, 2008). The involvement and affection level of the carer is very important in building motivational level of the sick person or the patient who heavily relies upon the carer for a number of tasks (ALRC, 2011). Owing to the significant role carers play towards societal assistance, the carers are increasingly been recognized on governmental level including in the UK government (Gov.UK, 2016).