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Free Social Work Dissertation Topics in 2022 – A Guide by Expert Writers

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

We all live in a society where different events affect our lives and standard of living. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire face of the world. It is why, as a student of sociology, you may find yourself frequently faced with such events that affect the social life of individuals. Social work is also a field that comes under sociology. The social work dissertation topics deal with many things.

The social workers who write such dissertations look into different areas of society causing problems and then use different research methodologies to understand and solve those problems.

However, to do this, you must have to select a dissertation topic in social work. Keeping in mind that this field is very broad, today’s article is here with a list of free social work dissertation topics.

Along with topics, there will also be a mention of a guide to writing such a dissertation. Hence, let’s get started.

Some Free Social Work Thesis Topics

social work dissertation topics

Selecting a good topic for your dissertation is the most important decision of your life. The reason is that your future success depends on the research that you have carried out.

Therefore, you must be extra careful when choosing a topic for your social work dissertation. However, a list of the top 20 free topics in this field is as follows:

  1. The importance and effects of group therapy on children aged between 5 to 10 years – A case study in the UK
  2. Clinical depression and its impacts on teenage girls
  3. Lack of child support and its impacts on child behaviour – A case study of London, UK
  4. Disability and how it affects the social life of students
  5. How does homelessness impact the psyche of people?
  6. Importance of family support for alcohol addicts’ rehabilitation
  7. A study on the strategies for building resilience in welfare works
  8. A look at the self-help guidelines for social workers to build resilience
  9. LGBT and most common problems encountered by this community group – A case study of the schools in the UK
  10. A study of the strategies to combat discrimination faced by the LGBT community
  11. An analysis of the attitudes of welfare workers towards prisoned individuals
  12. Development of strategies to cope with child abuse in orphanages
  13. Effects of child neglect on academic performance and career of a child
  14. A brief look at the guidelines on providing testimony in court as a social worker
  15. Understanding the symptoms of grief in the LGBT community
  16. Strategies for grief counselling of the families that lost a loved one
  17. Types of elder abuse. A detailed study of the common ones.
  18. A brief look at the considerations when working with HIV-positive patients
  19.  A study of the primary factors leading to homelessness – A case study in the UK
  20. A deep look at the factors leading to family violence in the UK

Social Work Dissertation Writing Guidelines

From the discussion above, you have a good idea of social work dissertation topics. Also, you can easily choose a topic from all those mentioned above. However, the real problem starts during the writing phase.

As you do not have enough knowledge about writing such a dissertation, a brief description of all the guidelines is as follows:

1- Know The Requirements of The Dissertation

The first and most important step when writing any kind of dissertation is reading and understanding the requirements. Know what is required from you and in which format.

Mostly, along with the topic, the supervisors also provide students with a requirements handout. This handout contains all the information about word count, style of writing, the format of writing, and style of referencing required.

Knowing this information is necessary. So, as a first step, read and comprehend the requirements. If you are still facing issues with dissertation requirements, you can take masters dissertation help from us.

2- Research the Topic Thoroughly

Research is an important phase in any kind of writing. Without proper research, you should better forget about writing a quality social work dissertation.

As you have selected one topic from the above-discussed social work dissertation topics, conduct research now. Explore the whole internet and find as much information as you can about the topic.

Gathering such information will allow you to identify the research gaps effectively and address them in your social work dissertation.

3- Create a Plan for Your Dissertation

Planning the dissertation is another important phase that you have to go through. In this phase, you plan out the whole social work dissertation, like when you will start working on the introduction, literature review, and methodology chapters.

Your plan must include a time window for each of the processes. It is important to remain stick to that plan too. The reason is that it is useless to create a plan that you cannot apply.

Moreover, a solidly built plan does not allow you to get off track.

4- Start Writing the Dissertation

The 4th point tells you to start writing the dissertation. As you have selected a topic from the social work dissertation topics given above and have a plan also, why wait then?Start writing the dissertation by incorporating the data gathered in the second step.

Start by explaining the problem in general and then narrow it down to a specific point. Give the literature review and discuss the methods you have applied in detail.

5- Do not Forget Editing and Proofreading

I hope you know that the first draft is not always the final draft. Still, there will be many mistakes in your dissertation that needs to be addressed. Therefore, do not underestimate the stage of editing and proofreading.

Read the whole of your dissertation and eliminate every typo, spelling error, and a sentence fragment. Make your dissertation free from every kind of linguistic and grammatical error.


Social work dissertation topics are listed above. Choosing a topic is one of the difficult decisions in the life of a student. However, by considering your interest, you can choose a very good topic.

Also, by looking at the guidelines for writing given above, you can easily craft a good dissertation. So, read the above and write your dissertation. Still have any confusion, hire our dissertation writing services to get a well-written dissertation on social work.