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8 Things to Do Differently to During Student Period in 2022

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

Every year starts with a bunch of promises to do some things differently. People aim to bring positive changes in their lives. Everyone wants to improve the quality of their life and be more creative and productive in everything they do.

Many people plan the new year’s resolutions considering many factors. Some plan it according to their schedule, and some plan based on another criterion. For example, you can plan some activities to do when you are with friends, when you are bored, and when you want to do something different.

After a hectic study schedule especially after dissertation/thesis writing, You just need a break to relax your body and soul. So, today’s article is all about the 8 things to do differently that could make a difference in a student’s life. So, let’s start the discussion with the following question.

What are some productive things to do?

As described earlier, this article will discuss things to do based on the scenarios you face in your life. First. Let’s discuss what you should do to be more productive. Hence, below is a brief description of the things that can make you productive.

Wake up early

Waking up early is the best practice that you can follow. It improves your concentration and makes you more productive. Students sometimes do not recognize that their brain has not woken up when they wake up. The brain is still in standby mode, so they need to take it easy. Some students wake up quickly, while others take at least an hour to really get up. If you get up an hour before you normally do, you’ll be sufficiently adjusted by the time you need to engage your brain. Therefore, you are increasing your productivity this way.

One step at a time

Keep this thing in your mind for the rest of your life that you must take one step at a time. Multitasking is not a bad thing to practice. Sometimes, in the pursuit of doing fasters, you cannot do things the right way. If there are some big tasks to do, which comprise parts, you should divide them into smaller ones. after dividing those tasks, you need to solve them one by one to increase productivity. When you work on multitasks on time, you end up being stranded in the middle of nowhere.


Sometimes you have an academic project to work on that is really important. For that, not only do you have a very limited time, but that project will also decide things for you. You may be getting some additional marks for them, which can benefit you academically. So, you must complete those things on an urgent basis. This is called prioritization of the tasks.

Most of the time, our focus shifts to unimportant things, and the project gets forgotten for that time. Create urgency and do the important things first. Prioritize important things and complete them firsthand. You can do the rest of the less important things in your free time.

Build on Strength, Exercise, and Diet:

You want to be at your best when life hits you hard. Be geared up to face the challenges your academic life throws at you. Gather all the strength and indulge in recommended amount and type of physical activity all year round. The more you invest in yourself is what you will get in return in the form of better performance in everything. You will gain confidence and high self-esteem to face life and you will have all the strength for the extra effort on special days. Promise to give your health and your body the time and attention it needs, this year.


Be Principle Driven:

Write down for yourself a character sketch sort of. Write every good thing you want to see yourself. Being nice and warm to people, helping them, and being more supportive of others’ ideas should be the things on your list. Make a set of principles and rules, and write down a code of conduct and things you will never do in your life. For instance, how anyone says anything should not be your problem, you need to stay focused on your goals. Write everything, make a cute poster, and put it somewhere visible, preferably on the wall so that you remind yourself of these every day. Read them and remind yourself of these things every other day, and do not change your life rules for anyone.


What are some things to do when you are bored?

As a student, you may feel bored at times. So, there should be some things to do when you are bored. So, below are the activities you can do in your free or boring time.

Listen to your favorite music

Music is the best healer of loneliness and boredom. It changes you and refreshes your mind. There is also a saying that “Music is the nutrition for the soul.” Many people say that this is just a saying. However, whatever the case is, music can help you get freedom from your boredom. An important to note here is that you should only listen to the music that is your favourite. Listening to unfavourite music will only be a headache for you.

Go outdoor and play

Going outdoor and playing with friends is another fun activity that you can do when you feel bored. You can play football and cricket on your nearest ground. Also, you can play some other games like badminton, squash and table tennis. Such games can help you a lot in reducing your boredom. Also, when you go to play outdoor, the fresh air refreshes your mind, which is quite healthy.

Spend time on unacademic hobbies

If you are a student, it does not mean that all your new year goals should be academic. You must have some unacademic hobbies that you can follow in your boring time. For example, you may have a hobby of learning new languages. You should learn the languages at the time when you are feeling bored. It keeps you involved and motivated all the time.

What are fun things to do with friends?

Your new year should be a different one from the previous one. You must also have things to do with your friends in 2022. A brief description of those things that you can do is as follows.

Go on a biking adventure

Biking to new places can be a fun activity that you can plan with your friends. You should ride your bike slowly and enjoy your journey. Biking allows you to reconnect with the earth, and you are going to find peace in the end. Through this activity, you also make a lot of connections on your way, which expands your network. Thus, going on a biking adventure is one of the must things to do with your friends.


Play a board game

Playing games with your friends is obviously a fun activity that you must add to your new year activities with friends. You can dive into the games like Yahtzee, Apples to Apples, Paper and Pencil, and many others. These games are age-independent, and everyone can participate. Therefore, you should consider these games.


As a student, you have to deal with many things. You need to be productive in terms of your education and funny when it comes to your friends. Therefore, you should plan the things to do in 2022, considering these things. The above-mentioned 8 things can help you greatly in doing so.

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