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Top 25 Frequently Asked Dissertation Defense Questions

  • 12 Sep
  • 2022

It is best to do your dissertation defense with all of your weapons. Hence, it is important that you prepare some commonly asked dissertation defense questions beforehand. In this way, you will be more confident, and you will be able to impress the panel members. This article will give you the top 25 frequently asked dissertation defense questions.

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1. Can You Tell us About Your Study in a Few Sentences?

It is one of the simplest dissertation defense questions that you can answer very easily. However, it is still very important that you prepare this question properly. Try to answer this question with a straightforward sentence with a few technical terms.

2. What Has Encouraged You to Conduct This Research?

You need to answer this question very carefully. It is a very tricky question as you have to convince the panel member that your research is worth reading. Try to properly elaborate on the matter which has been investigated in your research.

3. How Will This Study Contribute to the Existing Literature?

There might be some dissertation defense questions related to the contribution of your study to the existing body of knowledge. You need to prepare an answer to explain how your study is a significant contribution.

4. What is the Significance of Your Research?

You should also be able to explain why your study is important. You can tell how your results can help the government or various other organizations in development and policy making. You can also tell how your study can help other students to conduct further research on the subject matter.

5. How Did You Fill Any Literature Gap in Your Research?

Every good research must be able to fill the literature gap in your study. You will be asked many dissertation defense questions, which require you to convince the member that your research is exclusive and unique.

6. What Are The Limitations of Your Study?

Every study must have some limitations. It is important that you can tell the limitations of your study confidently to the committee members.

7. What Are Your Results?

The committee members will expect you to show your findings or the results of your research. For this, you need to be clear and concise and link your answer with the main research question.

8. What Sampling Technique Did You Use?

It is important that you keep your methodology in your mind. It is important that you keep chapter three of your project at your fingertips so that you can justify your methods and sampling technique. If you want to get a perfect methodology, then you should look at cheap dissertation writing services.

9. Why Have You Chosen This Research Method?

You should also be able to justify your chosen methodology in a proper manner. It is important that you answer this in a convincing manner.

10. What Are The Suggestions For Your Study?

Suggestions are highly important in a research project. You should not take this lightly.

11. What Areas Do You Suggest For Future Studies?

These types of dissertation defense questions will be asked to check your authority and reasoning in your study area. Thus, you should be ready to recommend some future research areas on your subject matter.

12. What Are The Practical Implications Of  Your Research Study?

This can be a really tough question if you are a student of social sciences and management. You should try to present the best realistic way to put your study into practice.

13. How Will You Summarize Your Research?

This is another one of the most common dissertation defense questions. It is not very tricky to answer. You should try to add some technical information to your answer to get a good score.

14. What Will You Change if You Conduct This Study Again?

You need to be careful while answering this. It is because it can be very tricky for you. This question is usually asked to find the weak points in your study.

15. What Are Your Measuring Instruments?

You should also need to answer what method of data collection you have used. Try to give important information here.

16. What Are The Research Variables?

You need to convince the members of your panel that you know what you are talking about. It is important to give highlights on the variables.

17. What Are The Research Questions?

Panel members will also ask dissertation defense questions related to the research questions. They might be simple questions that will not take long to answer.

18. What Do You Want To Do With Your Research After Graduation?

Here you can say what you want to say. If you want to publish your work, then it can be an opportunity for you to discuss it with the panel members.

19. What Are The Sources Of Knowledge For Your Research?

You also need to tell the sources you get the data from. There can be many secondary sources which you should mention to answer this question.

20. What is The Theoretical Framework of Your Study?

In this, you should explain all the theories that you have used in your study. It can be a really interesting yet technical question. So you need to answer it very carefully.

21. How Will You Relate Your Result To The Theories?

After telling the theoretical framework, you should relate it to the findings of your study.

22. What Will Be The Future Recommendations?

In this, you should answer with your suggestions for future studies.

23. What is The Scope?

Dissertation defense questions related to the scope of your research are very common that you must answer properly.

24. What Questions Do You Have For the Committee?

You can use this opportunity to ask any questions from the panel members

25. Do you Have Any Closing Arguments?

You should use this chance to thank the panel members.


With the help of the above guide, you can now excel in your dissertation defence easily. All you need to do is to fully prepare the above-given dissertation defense questions.

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