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Which Masters Degree Is Most In-Demand In The UK

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

Whether earning more money or improving one’s employability are two of the most crucial factors for many potential postgraduates. Identifying the Masters degrees that are trending helps you make wise decisions and increase your chances of employability.

So, are you thinking of doing a Masters degree and curious about the degree in demand in the United Kingdom? What are the most in-demand masters degrees in the UK right now? Which of these most degrees is going to guarantee you a well-paying job once you graduate (ideally, one which fits in with your career goal too!). That’s what we’re going to find out…

What are the most popular Masters degrees in the UK?


Masters degree

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

A Master’s in Business Administration is one of the most popular and trending degrees worldwide. A degree in business administration lands you your dream job at prestigious organisations. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, a Master’s in business administration has popular demand.

Employers actively look for a business graduate who can add value to their organisations. Business degrees in the United Kingdom are rigorous and analytical. The universities refine students’ personalities and polish their administrative, managerial, organizational and strategic skills. Students have to work on multiple case studies to understand the implications of theory in real-world contexts.

A degree in business administration equips students with practical skills. These skills encompass problem-solving, critical thinking, reflection, time management and communication. In addition, students are required to complete a set of written and oral assignments, as well as business projects and a dissertation.

Completing all these projects successfully is not always possible and many students choose to receive masters dissertation help from qualified professionals. With their help, they can achieve the desired grades and focus more on the practical part of their degree.

Furthermore, a Masters degree in the United Kingdom enables students to develop entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking abilities. Corporations prefer those candidates who have sufficient research and writing skills. Businesses need good writers and excellent researchers to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Universities in the United Kingdom are aware of the employer demands, and they train the students to meet those demands. So, if you are considering doing a Masters degree that will enhance your marketability and earnings, a degree in business administration is the right choice for you.

Engineering Degree

On the list of the best master’s degrees in the UK, engineering courses are right behind business programs. The UK engineering universities are highly regarded worldwide for their sincere dedication to preparing students to be effective practitioners. Graduating with a Masters in engineering not only increases your employability chances but also makes you a specialist in the field.

The degree program focuses on training students to deal with practical problems and identify solutions in the engineering field.

It will expand your horizon, and you will develop a unique perspective on reforming the existing structures and bringing innovation. Learning in engineering universities is not confined to classroom settings only.

Instead, the university focuses on building students’ practical skills and training them to deal with real-life issues. The curriculum covers multiple courses, in theory, mathematics, and engineering subjects. These courses cater to modern life’s needs and enable the students to become agents of change.

Health and Medicine Degree

The official statistics indicate that during the 2020/2021 academic year, the number of international students enrolled in health and medicine degrees in the UK was approximately 9000. It is a significant portion of students who were studying in a Masters degree program.

Health and medicine degrees pay off in the long run and lead to lucrative career prospects. The United Kingdom has the most efficient healthcare system globally. The reason behind their excellence is their graduates from medical schools. These graduates are highly knowledgeable and skilled in healthcare practice.

Medical universities in the United Kingdom impart quality education to their students. The universities focus on teaching the spirit of community service and developing compassion among the students. These students contribute significantly to the healthcare practice in the United Kingdom and also on a global scale.

On the other side, the increased practical emphasis makes these degrees more appealing. Your course is taught in a combination of classrooms, labs, and internship years, with the end goal of producing not only a qualified candidate for employment but also a renowned medical scientist.

Degree in Education

Education is a field that is always changing. Teachers who are capable and of the highest caliber will always be in demand. Gaining a master’s degree in the area can increase employment chances and start-up salaries. Earning a master’s degree in teaching increases your employability chances and gets you the best-paying jobs in the UK.


A degree in architecture is useful for refining one’s specialty and securing jobs with a high employability rate. This profession has one of the highest starting salaries for master’s students, ranking it among the top master’s degrees. Architecture is a good choice if you wish to get a degree that ensures employment in the UK.


With a masters degree in nursing, employment prospects are maximum. Within six months of finishing school, graduates with nursing degrees are likely to obtain employment. Multiple work prospects are made available by an MS in Nursing in the UK and abroad. A nursing degree is valued both in the UK and abroad.

Computer Science Degree

A degree in computer science is the ideal choice for an exciting job at a time when practically everything depends upon the computers. The demand for computer science degree graduates is inevitable in a region with numerous internationally renowned technical enterprises.

Numerous master’s degrees in computer science, built on the most recent advancements in computer-related subjects, are available from UK universities. A degree in computer science from the UK can help you develop problem-solving skills and a thorough understanding of the fundamentals behind how computational systems work.

Law Degree

There was no way that law degrees could have failed to make the list of top master’s degrees in the UK. The master’s in law program offered by law schools in the UK has a solid reputation based on a longstanding and illustrious history. The University of Oxford, the country’s oldest university, is renowned for its legal departments.


In conclusion, we believe the most in-demand masters degree in the UK is a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The MBA program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective managers in business and other organizations.

A degree from this program can help graduates land jobs as executives and develop careers in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, entrepreneurship, information systems management and more.