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Free Economics Dissertation Topics for Your PhD Dissertation

  • 7 Jun
  • 2024

For any student in economics, a dissertation is a must to accomplish task. Without submitting a dissertation, he/she cannot get his/her degree. This highlights the importance of submitting a quality dissertation. Do you know what is required to write a good PhD dissertation? Yes, you are 100% right that to write a quality-wise good PhD dissertation, you must have a topic. You must have a list of free economics dissertation topics so that you can choose one topic out of all those that is exactly as per your research interests.

Now, the question is, do you have a list of those topics? Probably not, because you have not paid attention to this before. It is okay because today’s article is all about listing down some top and hot economics dissertation topics for 2022. So, let’s get started by mentioning the importance of having a good topic first.

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Why is it Important to Have a Good Research Topic?

Having a research topic is one of the basic things required to write a dissertation. It is important because a research topic sets the direction of your research and identifies the potential areas of importance that you can research on. It is often said that having a topic representative of your research interests is important. Why? The reason behind this is that you will be spending the next 2-3 years approximately studying that topic. So, it should be a topic as per your research interests and expertise.

Free Economics Dissertation Topics For 2022

Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. How does competition in the market determine the growth strategies for businesses?
  2. Impacts of COVID-19 on newly launched businesses – A case study of the UK
  3. A study of the fraud and abuse in non-profit organisations
  4. Privatisation of the public businesses and its impacts on a country’s economy
  5. A detailed analysis of the antitrust practices and market power in the UK
  6. A study of the benefits of digitalisation for a country’s economy
  7. Impacts of COID-19 pandemic on the entertainment industry
  8. Is economic equilibrium attainable in modern world economics?
  9. How does economic uncertainty in a country affect decision-making?
  10. How did Brexit change the economic policies of the UK?
  11. How do demand and supply control market forces in the UK?
  12. Does the interest rate on products affect the consumption rate? A case study of the UK.
  13. How does the fluctuation in oil prices affect the economy of developing countries?
  14. Analysis of money supply in developing and developed countries
  15. Is the interest rate an effective instrument to control inflation in developing countries?
  16. The effect of money supply on the economic growth of a country
  17. Digitalisation and changes in the labour market – A case study of the UK
  18. Reasons behind regional wage inequality in the UK
  19. The relationship between migration and the economic development of countries
  20. Economic development in the United Kingdom: Effects of Privatisation

Guidelines to Write a Dissertation on Economic Dissertation Topics

After the selection of the topic, next comes the writing process. Obviously, you can select a topic for yourself by searching and analysing all the topics given above. The need of the hour is that I should discuss how to write a dissertation on economics dissertation topics. After talking to the top economics professors in the UK, I have made this guideline. Hence, a brief description of all the steps is as follows:

1- Understand the Requirements Fully

Most teachers in the UK emphasised the importance of understanding the dissertation requirements. According to them, many students do not pay attention to those requirements and suffer in the form of grades. So, the first guideline is that read the instruction manual fully and take notes of what writing style you are required to write in, what referencing style you are required to use, and how many words you are asked to produce. You can get all this information by reading the instructions of the teacher.

2- Conduct a Thorough Literature Review

Once you have comprehended the PhD dissertation requirements, the next step is conducting an effective and thorough literature review. It is important because it gives you an idea of the current research going on in your chosen topic and allows you to identify the research gaps present. Your literature research must include books relevant to your field of study, research papers published in your domain, and journals in your area.

3- Collect the Data

A dissertation on economics dissertation topics mostly uses secondary data. It means that someone other collects the data and publishes it, and you, as a researcher, use that data to study its impacts on the economy. Economic data is mostly available on the websites of the government of a country. So, to collect data, you must frequently visit those websites and gather authentic information.

4- Analyse the Data and Document the Results

The 4th step tells you to analyse the collected data and unearth the relationship between the research variables. You can use any method to run the analysis. However, it is always advisable to exercise the methods that are common and produce reliable and authentic results. After obtaining the results, the presentation or documentation of results comes next. Present them in a very meaningful way.

5- Do not Forget to Edit and Proofread

Editing and proofreading are the backbones of a PhD dissertation. The reason is that it is almost impossible that a lengthy project like a dissertation contains no mistakes. There will be many mistakes that need to be rectified and removed from your dissertation. So, do not forget to edit and proofread your dissertation. It is okay to take a break after writing it. But do not take a break long enough that the dissertation deadline comes near.

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Conclusively, selecting a topic from economics dissertation topics is one of the dreadful tasks that students face in their academic lives. Therefore, you must choose a topic that truly depicts your research interests. Also, note down the writing guidelines described above. They will help you a lot in crafting your dissertation. Still, if you are facing any problems, hire our services by clicking here.